We can help you optimize the story of your company or organization and deliver it at the right time, in the right way, to the right stakeholders and opinion leaders. So that they understand and appreciate you better. And that they are well-informed when they speak or write about you. Especially in those instances when it really matters. Moments that are crucial for successfully realising the mission of your organization. In times of transformation: the (re) financing your business, mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations and restructurings, disruptive trends in your market, entering new markets or launching new products or services, the repositioning of your business or its operations.

Also issues and crises can put your mission @stake. Business and leadership disputes, financial distress, receivership and bankruptcy, shareholder and consumer activism, litigation and criminal investigations, hostile takeover attempts, acquisitions, or product recalls are all examples of events that can seriously jeopardize your reputation, your permission to operate, i.e. your mission.

For situations such as these, and all other circumstances in which your mission is @Stake, we have  developed strategic communications services that we will tailor to your specific needs.


Value@Stake is specialised in strategic communications advice. However this does not mean that we overlook the execution of communications activities.

We support you with strategic and tactical plans, wherein concrete messages and timing of communications are being connected. We can help you speak to the press, even by taking over the role of spokesperson of your organisation. We can, if required, re-organise your internal and external communications and make it more effective by critically investigating your communications processes. We can train your personnel to communicate with your internal and external stakeholders in a more impactful way. Or clear up the risks of boardroom activities in the media for board members of profit and non-profit organisations.

Our senior consultants prove themselves on different terrains and in complementary expertises. In their blogs on this website you may read what keeps them busy and how they advice their clients about a wide range of subjects.

And if necessary we can work together with an hand-picked external partners, in order to help you realising your communications activities, by directing even  the most complex projects. From the realisation of a new corporate website, to a shareholders meeting with all communications that come with it.



Thanks to our international partnerships, we can support our clients not only in the Netherlands, but also in more than 150 countries around the globe.


(Audio)visual content is ‘King’, especially nowadays. For the development of high-quality audiovisual content such as (info)graphics, promotional presentations, company documentaries or video content for your website, intranet or social media channels, we closely collaborate with NixMedia, our ‘in-house’ AV-production partner.


Live events such as shareholder meetings, sales meetings, staff meetings or ‘Company/Investor Days’ are crucial when it comes to reaching your most important  stakeholder groups. In organising these live events we prefer to work closely together with our event-partner Aventiq.


Vormgeving & Verder is a young graphics design agency in Rotterdam and a true specialist in translating your corporate identity into visual content that enhances your communications. From visual branding, to web design and designs for social and digital newsletters.