Actually, we like complex communications issues. Our approach is characterized by a no-nonsense attitude and is based on profound professional relations with our clients. We are solution-oriented and we dare to be bold in our strategic advice, in order to deliver the most impactful results to the most critical organizational challenges.

Our clients have a mission to realize. And in order to succeed, they need to overcome financial and legal obstacles and gain the support of crucial stakeholders such as clients, employees, financiers, business partners, politicians and regulators. That is why we, as communications strategists, have specialized in managing stakeholders, media and other influencers around corporate turnaround projects an related issues. This is evidenced by the knowledge and experience of our senior advisors, and reflected in our track record of advisory work in recent years.

When our agency was founded in 2010, the institutional trust crisis was merely two years old. In the subsequent economic downturn, more and more companies became involved in transformation processes, such as reorganisations and restructurings, bankruptcies, strategy changes and repositionings.

These companies noticed that their missions were ‘@stake’. Therefore, many companies and organisations asked themselves how they could  manage relationships with crucial stakeholders more effectively.

To be able to answer that question Value@Stake  developed an always deployable palette of services, always aimed at realizing your mission.

Wether it is about reputation or brand value, market capitalization, shareholder value, your position in labour market or approval from authorities or legislators; Value@Stake helps you realize your mission, your turnaround by mobilizing support among your crucial stakeholders and influencers.